How much sun exposure is too much?

Who else noticed how extra sunny it has become the past few weeks?

The thing is as a typical Nigerian it’s almost impossible to not come in contact with the harsh rays of sunlight almost everyday and then there are the prescription skin treatments that come with a bold warning on their label… “avoid prolonged sun exposure while using this product…” and this always leaves me thinking “I really want glowing skin, how do I do this?”

Ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause varying degrees of damage to the skin ranging from melasma to skin cancer, hyperpigmentation, premature wrinkles etc. Beauty experts have stayed emphasising on the need to apply sunscreen with at least spf 15+ 30 minutes before sun exposure.

Personally, I do not like the idea of having to apply or reapply sunscreen before or while I’m in the sun and this actually made me start pondering on how much sun is really too much?

Further research into that and I actually discovered that no sun exposure is the best! Lool that sounds incredibly funny anno..

Basically, the darker your skin color the higher your resistance to the harsh rays of the sun but over expose your dark skin to the sun and you still get all the bad side effects of it. So here’s my candid advise to everyone…
** limit overall daily sun exposure during the hours of 12pm – 4pm to a maximum of 1hr! Anything above that becomes too much sun exposure as the UV rays from the sun are the harshest during these hours. Lifestyle and other factors really contribute to an individuals overall daily sun exposure but I think this rule is a lot easier for those with a 9-5.

I really don’t like how the sun is going to spoil all the hard work I put into caring for my skin so I’ve made up my mind to seriously adapt to a faux vampire lifestyle, Loool!

Thank you so much for stopping by and until next time don’t forget to wear protective clothing like sunglasses, face caps/hats when you’re going out in the sun and always have a bottle of water in hand! 🙂

Do you think your daily lifestyle can really permit you to limit your sun exposure to just an hour? Lemme know how it works for you…


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