Life Lessons I Have Learnt!

Wooohoooo! Guess whose birthday it is today!!!!! Yea Yea it’s Mine! *wide grin*

Lool! Okay this isn’t a skin product review or DIY post like it’s “post to be” but it’s my birthday (yea I have to say it again,, just for emphasis) and I have some musings in my head I’d love to share.

Yunno they say experience is the best teacher! So I literally want to share a bit of what I have learnt from life experiences with you.

I’m starting from the most important lesson I’ve learnt which is to stay thankful regardless of whatever situation I’m in and never nag at God. He’s the master planner.

I have learnt to be patient! I won’t deny the fact that I literally want to loose it sometimes but then again I remember the fat bones that was promised…

I have learnt to never trust anyone. Not even myself. Only in God I trust.

I have learnt to let go of negativity in all forms and stay positive as much as I can. This simple act has actually helped improve my mental status.

I have learnt to appreciate people and their flaws and also to appreciate everything, even the little things, whether material or immaterial.

Best believe I’m a big girl and I’m a fergie fan but I have learnt to never hold back tears and I still cry a lot. It actually helps me feel better. Especially when my pen & pad isn’t so within my reach.

I have learnt to make peace with my past. There was a time I used to walk around with so much bottled up anger inside me, much of that anger usually directed at myself because I’m thinking of mistakes I’ve made and how I never should have made them but in desperation to save my sanity I’ve let all of that diffuse away and I’ve learnt to accept things I can’t change.

I have learnt that time heals everything. Yunno that strong jolt of pain that wakes you up in the morning especially right after a heartbreaking occurrence… and how after a while you no longer feel that jolt…. Yeah that’s it!

I have learnt to be my biggest fan. That’s how I maintain my self worth and feel in charge of my life and last but not the least, I have learnt to never say never because I hate how that little voice comes to remind me “…. oh Nelly, I thought you said you’d never….. “

Phew! That’s a lot of lessons already… Lol
Thank you so so much for stopping by and I hope the month of October brings everyone sweet memories… xx


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