Fragrance I’m currently loving

Hello Daisy Readers! I’m soooooo hysterical writing this post cos I’m always too excited to try out any new beauty or body product I get.

I take the smell good business very personal lol! I also find people who always smell good so irresistible. Yunno one time, a close friend of mine called me a ‘Perfume whore’ cos I’ve never used a bottle of fragrance twice. I always anticipate the ‘butterflies in my tummy’ feeling when I have to open up and inhale a new fragrance.

This post is just to give you a hint of what I currently smell like and hopefully make you want to try it out yourself. I was actually looking for a Perfume by Paul Smith when I bumped into ‘la vie est belle’ by lancôme. First of, the sexy French name immediately got my attention then the pink and glittery silver packaging had my eyes glued to it.



It was just one of it on the shelf and I picked it up to read the product info properly to find out that it’s a l’eau de parfum fragrance. It cost #4,500 which I think is totally affordable. I just couldn’t help but pick it off the shelf cos I’ve never tried any fragrance by lancôme and it wld be my first. I didn’t even take off my clothes when I got home before I got down to opening up the fragrance to know what it wld smell like and oh virgin! I fell in love with it. Another plus to this fragrance is that it has a long half life after I’ve sprayed it on so I basically smell seductive all day…

Anno some people can’t differentiate between l’eau de parfum and l’eau de toilette but don’t worry, I’m gonna make a post on that soon.

Thank you so much for sharing in my fragrance experience and I hope y’all enjoy the rest of the week :*

Sunflower Love And White Background_edit

What fragrance is your fav lately? I’m always excited to read your comments, questions and suggestions!


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