I caught the black soap fever…. you should too!


Black soap is made from an ancient household recipe which has proven to have great benefits on both skin and hair. It’s made up of 48% shea butter with the rest 52% consisting of plantain leaves and skin, shea tree bark, cocoa pods, water and various oils including palm oil, palm kernel oil and coconut oil. It usually doesn’t contain any dye or fragrances and depending on the tribe it’s made from or ingredients used it’s color ranges from black to brown. It’s overall combination of plainly natural ingredients gives it an earthy smell and crumbly texture (note: black soaps without the crumbly texture have added chemicals).
I’m totally in love with black soap as it has been my skin glow secret for a coupla months now and as weird as it sounds to me.. (for the fact that I’m a skin product junkie) I have no intention to stop using it or change from it, Lol! So I’m going to highlight the benefits of adding black soap to your skin cleansing routine

Benefits of Black soap
• palm oil present in black soap is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E which combats against acne, ezcema and premature aging or thinning of the skin caused by exposure to environmental pollutants and unhealthy lifestyle practises
• palm kernel oil in black soap has a high lauric acid content which makes it an antibacterial and antifungal cleanser
• shea butter in black soap is a deep moisturising agent which helps to Smoothen out and fade out acne marks, scars and razor bumps, Vitamin A & E in shea butter helps to boost collagen production thereby increasing the skin’s elasticity and reducing fine lines and wrinkles
• daily cleansing with black soap helps to control excess sebum production without over drying the skin. So it works as a skin mattifier as well as pore cleanser
• black soap works well on all skin types including dark skin, medium skin, light skin and sensitive skin

If you purchase a black soap bar i’d advise you store it in a deep, airtight container in order to avoid it from melting regarding it’s crumbly texture and the fact that it’s handmade. I still have a lot of niceties to say about black soap but I really don’t want this post to get unnecessarily long and boring, tho I hope I’ve been able to convince you to include black soap in your cleansing regimen and if you’d like to purchase a black soap bar or body wash you can get in touch with me via phone/WhatsApp: 08078992862.

Thank you and I wish y’all a blessed and beautiful week ahead!

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