‘Authentic’ O’tentika || Pink label lotion VS Brown label lotion

Hey lovelies, anno it’s been quite some time and I hope the month of August has been an awesome one for y’all?
Oh well! Lemme get down to business. I guess the title of this post says a lot already.
Anno a number of people including myself that have had serious breakout problems with using the pink label otentika lotion but only until recently did I find out the reason for that.


Apparently, The reason why most people complain about having breakouts from using the pink label otentika lotion is because it’s been formulated for people with dry skin, so it’s an extra oily formula while the brown label otentika is formulated for people with combination/oily skin and it’s a less oily formula.
So if you have combination or oily skin on your face, it’s recommended you use the brown label otentika lotion. Applying the pink label otentika lotion on combo/oily skin will likely lead to breakouts, acne spots and blackheads because it contains an extra oily formula needed to moisturise, soften and tone dry skin.
After downing that information, I decided to go ahead and get a bottle of the brown label otentika lotion since I have combo skin and I just love the otentika skin care range of product. I purchased a bottle of the brown label otentika lotion from the popular ‘mama tega’ store in yaba for #2800 but it’s also available in most superstores in Nigeria.


I’ve been using it up to 3weeks now and…. voila! I’m not breaking out in anyway. My skin has stayed soft, supple and blemish free.
I love the otentika skin care range because
* it has a signature scent that tingles and relaxes your senses,
* it’s an all organic product range containing no sulfates, no hydroquinone, no Mercury, no steroids. All ingredients listed are simply organic,
* it ensures an all round smooth and well blended complexion.
So if you’re an otentika lover as well and have had issues with the pink label otentika lotion, I suggest you try out the brown label otentika lotion and hopefully thank me later 😉

Have you also had breakout problems with the ‘pink label’ otentika lotion? Anyone else tried the brown label otentika lotion? Lemme know in the comment section as I’m always excited to read your comments, questions and suggestions :*


12 thoughts on “‘Authentic’ O’tentika || Pink label lotion VS Brown label lotion

  1. Hi Nelly, I stumbled on your post and I’m really glad.
    Been using O’tentika for quite some time now and I haven’t had any regret until recently. Wanna know if i bought a fake product cuz its nonot oily as usual, its kinda thick and the pink on the bottle is a bit like red-pink, not the normal pink. I discontinued the use after a week+ cuz i was getting darker.
    What do you think, please?.


    1. hey Esther, i think i agree with you on that. its probably a fake product. you should be more careful about what store you buy your products from. Otentika is a good product. Thank you for your comment dear


  2. Thanks for the information. I didn’t know the difference between both but just bought the brown label. I am fair in complexion and while I don’t want to overdo my colour, I want to tone up a bit. Will the brown label be okay?


    1. hey olla, you’re very welcome and yes the brown label Otentika is very okay for what you want to achieve but please make sure you build a healthy regimen (cleansing, toning, exfoliating, moisturizing) for your skin which would help maintain your skin tone. xo


  3. I’m light in skin and want to be more lighter have oily face. Please which otentika colour will be good for me. this is really urgent. Thanks for your care.


    1. hey Deborah, since you have a facial oily skin, i would recommend cleansing with black soap at least once a day to control the oil, then the brown otentika would be more suitable. i hope this helps. thank you


  4. Thanks Nelly for this post. Please I need you to help me out on the otentika product to get. I understand the Skintone formula(brown) is for normal to oil skin, of which I have normal skin although my face is oily. I am light skinned and to maintain and improve my skin tone, which from the brown otentika or the pink otentika will be best for me. Pls this is really urgent. Thank you


    1. Hey Ellify, thanks a lot for your comment and question. Do you intend to get lighter or just to maintain your skin tone? if its just to maintain your skin tone then the brown o’tentika is a good option. if you intend to get brighter/lighter then there are other options. do holla back! xoxo


      1. Hi Nelly, please I intend to get lighter. What cream do you suggest I use. I tend to be oily around my tzone. I was thinking of buying the otentika lotion. The pink pack. Please which do you think I use. I need a lighter cream. Presently I use fair and white. The pink pack. But it’s turning dark in the bottle. Learnt it’s cos it contains hydriquinone.


        1. hey pearl, you’re right all fair and white products contain about 1.9% hydroquinone. Anyway, there are a lot of creams available in the market that could make you lighter but depending on your budget. Anew kojic lotion works but with a slow pattern, you would have to use about 2 bottles before effects are visible. it goes for about #3000 in stores. other more expensive options include meladerm, makari (original one), QEI (carrot), nature white, glutamax, gluta wink white lotion. i hope this helps. you can always holla back for more info. xo


  5. Hi..I’m really disturbed about this cream..been using it for three months now..at first it started lightening me up. .then around the 2nd month ..my skin started breaking out..up till now.. But I’m actually lighter. I use the pink label .my skin isn’t all that oily or dry..dunno if to stop or maybe its the process or whatever… Really disturbed.


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