Asantee Papaya&Honey bar soap

My usual D&R soap got finished and like I kind of expected, I cldnt find it at the supermarket and was left with no choice than to pick an alternative.
After scanning through the bath bar section, my eyes caught the Asantee papaya&honey soap.


I’ve stumbled on a coupla reviews about the Asantee papaya&honey soap on the Internet and after checking out the ingredients I decided to try it out.
It’s been four weeks since I started using this bar.


Asantee papaya&honey soap is a Thai soap. It’s a bright orange in colour + it has a nice and relaxing fruity fragrance. It doesn’t contain sls or Parabens. On my first few applications I let the lather sit on my skin for 3 minutes before I washed off, I noticed a tingly/stinging effect (which I guess is due to its AHA content) on my skin and my skin felt so dry and tight when I got out of the bathroom. The drying effect made me break out on my cheeks. So now I stopped letting the lather sit I only lather up then rinse immediately. My skin feels normal, I’ve also noticed my skin tone is a brighter shade which is just fine.
Overall, I’d rate this soap a 5/10 and might recommend it to anyone who is looking for a boost in their complexion and is not seriously allergic to products containing AHA. Also, moisturising is a must while using this soap.

Be sure to pamper your skin in any little way today, always stay hydrated and minimise skin exposure to the sun btw the hours of 12noon to 4pm as UV rays from the sun are harshest within those hours. I really wish everyone has a fun filled weekend. xxx

Have you used the Asantee papaya&honey soap? What results did you have and would you/would you not recommend it to a friend?


2 thoughts on “Asantee Papaya&Honey bar soap

  1. I want to knw whetha asantee soap s a hard detergent or not n secondly i wan to knw whetha it s suitable for a allergy face


    1. No its not harsh at all. I still use it as part of my night regimen and my skin has been soft and supple. If you have allergies to AHA on your face you can limit use to the rest of your body only. I hope this helps! 🙂


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