DIY: The Milky Way

It’s the second Wednesday in the month of May which means it’s ‘face mask-ing’ day. Today my recipe includes a natural pore cleanser and tightener ~ Milk.
Milk when left to Ferment contains Lactic Acid, which belongs to the mild class of Alpha Hydroxyl Acid. Lactic acid when applied topically on the skin acts as:

a natural pore cleanser ~ rids pores of bacteria and pore clogging agents,

an exfoliant ~ gently enables the sloughing off of old skin to reveal healthier looking skin which minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

a toner ~ helps to lighten and eliminate blackheads, dark circles, black patches and soothes skin that is sunburned.

Earlier today, I prepared a mixture of one tablespoon of full cream milk and quarter glass of clean water and stored the mixture in an open container in order to speed up the fermentation process.


Now all I have to do is clean my face to remove make up and any bacteria residue from sweat and dust, then apply my fermented milk all over my face for about and leave on for 15 mins before I rinse off with warm water. I’d pour the left over milk in my bath water and bath as normal before bedtime. I love this milky face wash because it gives me desired results especially when I want to have a break from chemically made face washes.
If you have dry skin, I’d recommend you add honey to this mixture as honey acts as a natural skin moisturiser and be sure to use this face wash recipe at least 3 times a month for that glow 😉




Are you going to try out this recipe? Do you have a DIY face wash routine that you love?
I’m always excited to hear from you… xxx :* 


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