Combination skin: My care routine

Just like moi combination skin is a normal facial feature for a lot of women and it can be quite difficult to care for especially the part that I find it hard to get skin care products that give me my desired results about controlling excess oil on my T-Zone and not over drying the rest of my face. This has led me to create a skin care regimen that involves products that are especially free from sulphates and alcohols. Regarding the fact that I have normal/sensitive skin from my neck down, my skin care routine includes a daily, twice in a week, and twice in a month routine.
My daily routine involves cleansing with a mild soap (face to feet) in the morning and using a gel-based cleanser (face only) at night. Currently I’m using Daggett&Ramsdell moisturizing soap, Mary kay 3 in 1 gel-based cleanser for combination skin.
My twice in a week routine involves Exfoliation with a gentle but effective body/face scrub and Aromatherapy with scented sea salts. Currently I’m using Hammam el Hana Argan therapy body scrub by Pielor and Corine de Farme Mango scented sea salts.
My Twice in a month routine involves a DIY facial steam process, DIY face mask, DIY feet scrubbing/massage. The ingredients involved depends on what exactly I want as well as the effect I desire.




What skin care routine have you adapted to? What does it involve? I’m always eager to hear from you. Have a glam weekend.


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