DIY: Lemon Lip Ointment

I’m not a huge fan of lipsticks but I must confess that I envy how glam it looks on other ladies. For some reasons I’d never actually decide on, lipsticks don’t look good on me so I usually just stick to colourless lip balm/gloss and for some time now I’ve been pondering on how to make my own lip moisturising/brightening ointment from basic ingredients around me. I finally got around to it in a few easy steps which I’ve highlighted below.


Things you’ll need
100% shea butter ~ I picked this because I’m sure we all know how good it’s moisturising and sealing properties are for lips, skin and hair.

Fresh Lemon (1 medium sized) ~ Lemon because it contains natural brightening enzymes which have been proven to be very effective.

Brown Sugar ~ this isn’t totally necessary but you can add it if you prefer your DIY lip ointment to have a sweet taste.

Plastic container ~ essential thing cos it’s exactly where you’ll store your lip ointment.

Steel bowl ~ for mixing.

Knife and Tablespoon of course… Lol


I) place a finger sized amount of shea butter on a tablespoon and gently melt it using low heat from a gas cooker before pouring it into the steel bowl.


II) Slice open your fresh lemon, squeeze out it’s juice and pour it into the melted shea butter.
III) Add brown sugar if preferred by you and thoroughly mix all these contents together.
IV) Pour the mixture into the plastic container and leave it to cool for about four hours. You can put it in a freezer to speed up the process.

V) Viola, you just made your own lemon lip ointment.

I am addicted to licking my lips so preferably, I intend to use this self made lip ointment at night in order to enhance it’s full moisturising and brightening benefits. When life gives you lemons, I’d say make yourself a lemon lip ointment 😉




Are you willing to experiment with me? I’m excited to know what you think and what your results are..



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