Caring for Dry Skin

Dry skin is usually characterised by a lack of moisture in its corneous layer and a low level of sebum which results in tightness and even flaking. The skin tends to appear dull, especially on the cheeks, around the eyes, elbows, knees and around the feet. It may lack elasticity, which makes fine lines and wrinkles more pronounced and In some cases with sensitive skin, itching and burning may occur. Dry skin can be caused by a dry climate, winter weather, severe deficiency of vitamin A, systemic illness, overexposure to sunlight, or medication. The skin loses moisture, It may crack and peel Or it may become irritated, inflamed, and itch. Bathing frequently, especially with some soaps and very warm water can contribute to dry skin.

* The most important treatment for dry skin is to put water back in it. The best way to get water into your skin is to briefly take a bath or shower. Moisturising is also an important part of the care routine for dry skin. The use of an effective moisturizer at least twice every day improves skin hydration and barrier function. Some dermatologists recommend that you perform your bathing and moisturizing regime especially at night just before going to bed. You are unlikely to further dry out or irritate your skin while sleeping, so the water can be more thoroughly absorbed into your skin.

* Creams and other skin care products that are based on natural hypoallergenic ingredients are the best. Natural creams and lotions are extremely beneficial for dry skin – they heal, deeply moisturize, and protect the skin from aging. They contain naturally occurring nourishing ingredients, such as essential oils(coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, almond oil etc), skin friendly vitamins A, C, D and E, and protein. The use of alcohol-free cleansers, moisturisers and toners is also recommended.

* Use a very mild soap and do not overdo it with soap. I’d even recommend baby soaps/wash. Scrubbing is usually not recommended for dry skin. After bathing or showering, do not rub your skin with a towel, instead, softly pat it dry and apply a moisturiser or body butter when the skin is still moist and pay the most attention to your lower elbows, knees and feet area where skin tends to be the driest.

* Add good oils to your diet or you can simply just supplement with Omega 3 or cod liver oil capsules. Apart from being regarded as heart friendly oils, they add a lot of shine and benefit to the skin and hair.

* DO make sure to drink a lot of water everyday. Don’t wait till you feel dehydrated before you drink water.

* Get enough of your beauty sleep, at least 6-8 hrs…

* Being a smoker affects the skin’s moisture level, so it’s overall healthy to quit smoking. Not only will your lungs benefit from that, your skin will too.



Do you have dry skin? How do you manage it? I’d appreciate more tips from you….. xoxo 



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