Determining skin types

Hey lovelies, anno I promised to make this educating and entertaining as much as possible so this post is about highlighting the characteristics of the different skin types and deciding what skin type(s) you have, as it’s the first critical step towards achieving a bright and beautiful skin and also for creating an adaptable skin care routine. Basically we have the normal, oily, dry, combination and sensitive skin

¤ Normal skin~ this skin type Is usually characterised by a smooth surface that is neither too oily or too dry after being wiped by a soft face tissue first thing in the morning. Normal skin has a minimal production of sebum which makes wrinkles and fine lines to be less visible.

¤ Dry skin~ is characterised by tight pores with very little sebum production. It has a dry feel and flaky appearance after being wiped with a soft face tissue, wrinkles and fine lines are most visible on this skin type.

¤ Oily skin~ is characterised by an excess production of sebum by the skin which results in large pores. It has a shiny appearance even after being wiped by a soft facial tissue. It is especially manifested on the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin). This skin type Is prone to pimples, acne, blackheads and requires gentle care but wrinkles/fine lines are not visible.

¤ Combination skin~ this skin type Is often characterised by an oily T- zone with patches of either dry or normal skin on the cheeks and around the eye area. So it’s either a combo of dry/oily skin or normal/oily skin.

¤ Sensitive skin~ this skin condition is usually characterised by inflammation, redness, itching, peeling and dryness especially when the skin comes in contact with some ingredients in skin care products. An individual could have a normal/sensitive, oily/sensitive or combination/sensitive skin. Dry skin is generally sensitive.

Have you figured out what skin type(s) you have? Okay then, you should proceed to using the right skin care routine and products designed for your skin which I’m going to talk about In my next post. Until then… moisturise your skin, eat healthy, drink lots of water, take some vitamins, exercise, smile and stay glam. 


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